Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pirated Picture

Two very famous Gabayanos

Sino Sila?

This pic was taken from the ADMU Website

Friday, March 11, 2005

Expert World of Convinience my Ass

Have you ever wondered how true are the claims of your bank? For example, for Metro Bank, "You're in Good Hands". In the case of my bank, it's "Expert World of Convenience". I choose BPI because it has the most number of ATMs in the country and it connects to almost all ATM networks. Convenient right? NOT!!! Today, I experienced one of my banking nightmares. I went to the bank to deposit some money to my BPI account. There were two lanes being serviced that time, the first lane (for gold card holders) and the second lane (for express teller clients). Thinking that I only have to deposit some money, and it would not take too much time (it usually takes 45 seconds to a deposit) so I took the first lane (the lane for the gold card holders which obviously I don't have a gold card coz the line on the second is quite long) so the teller on the gold card lane told me to take the second lane for the express teller clients. Okay that earned one GRRR Level for me but I managed to keep my cool because basically, it's my fault, so with a heavy heart, I took the second lane. I almost exploded in anger when I saw the teller on the first lane entertained a client who doesn't have a gold card. That was an automatic 3 GRRR Levels because first, it was an insult to me, second, it was unprofessional of her to do that and lastly, she broke the rules without even twitching and no trace of guilt whatsoever on her slightly freckled face. It took another 45 minutes before it was finally my turn and I didn’t even spend 1 minute at the teller.

To keep the story short, I spent almost an hour falling in line to get less than 1 minute of service.

Talk about convenience…crap!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Frukie Gimmik - Day One

It was 2 am in the morning of February 24 when I started my day for our much awaited vacation to Bohol. I called up the driver (for our service) and took a bath. At 3 am, the driver came and we went directly to Bimbos' house to fetch him and Joyce.

NEWS #1 Bimbo's First Car

'93 Mitsubishi Lancer - By popular request is the car to be used for the Frukie Gimmik to San Juan Batangas, however due to the recent developments of the owners Mom towards the car (which outweighs, her affection towards her son, according to BS), this idea would probably be scrapped (We'll probably commute!) After picking up Joyce and Bimbo, we went to Filinvest to pick up Ian

NEWS #2 Ian's Long Hair, Gone!

Well not exactly gone, he just got a haircut. His "Sunod sa Galaw Rejoice" hair, according to him is somewhere in his house as a talisman or something! I think he'll use it for some love potion he’s been brewing! (jk!)

After picking up out batch artist, we went to Cubao to pick up Rianne

NEWS #3 Rianne's Engagement!

According to her blog, she’s engaged to be married! But we have yet to see her diamond ring (hint*hint*hint)

We went straight to the airport after that to meet My and Kit.

BLOOPER #1 "Miss di po dyan ang daan, dun po"

My, our batch fashionista, was to tasked to check our bags for our flight to Cebu. She collected our tickets and gave it to the flight staff for our boarding passes. After checking Kit's bag, with the signature Myrs poise, our batch fashionista stepped over the weighting scale towards the conveyor belt behind the check in counter, thinking that’s the way to the boarding area. That earned her a remark, "Miss di po dyan ang daan, dun po"! Most of us are already laughing at that point. We even told her how lucky she was she wasn't given a baggage sticker and loaded on the conveyor belt.

The flight was rather uneventful and the food sucks. Imagine an airline serving magic flakes and a 200 ml. ready to drink orange juice (makes me realize how promo are our promo tickets). Well, at least we get to sit together and chat most of the way to Cebu.

To be continued …