Thursday, December 14, 2006

Etymology Series Volume 1 Issue 1

Since this is the first issue, I picked a word that is personal in nature. My nick name is the most personal thing I can think of right now.

The word for this issue is "Chito"

This is not my original nick name, before, people call me Archie or just Chie (what a girly name btw) It was only in college that people started calling me Chito. I have Jepoy/Clyde to thank for that because we gave each other new names (something like new begginings). Contrary to popular belief, my name was not copied from the lead singer of the popular band way back in college.

My nick name is totally derived (like a function) from my full name

Archibald Torres

Archie Torres

Chie Torres

Chie To


There you go, I hope this explains why many of my friends call me Chito.