Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Last Friday's Gimmik

December 10, 2004. We started the night at the office talking about someone else's heartache coz the person failed at something mushy that I can't relate to. Anyway, we went out of the office and took an SUV bound for the LRT terminal. My friend was so beat that day, she slept on the way to LRT (I swear I heard someone snore) Anyway we took the LRT (Elevated Train) to the Central Terminal where we were supposed to eat at the nearby SM Manila. We skipped that and went exactly to Intramuros where we walked all the way to WOW Philippines. Honestly, I don’t know how to get there exactly but my instincts told me to just follow the lights and the quite expensive cars and keep heading south. And before we know it, we were there.

There aren’t many people around that night (considering it’s a Friday night). We ate at an open-air makeshift restaurant near the wall. It’s one of the many “ihaw-ihaw” restaurants found there. We chose the one with the most people figuring their food is the best. So we ate dinner there but were disappointed with the food. Anyway, went to the wall for a long awaited main event of the night, my friend’s revelation and the ever popular What’s new with me thingy.

Well I wasn’t that shock when she broke the news that she wants to resign from the office. She was looking for resignation letter templates earlier that day so I figured she wants to leave. Well she explained her reasons but in the middle of our conversation, a not-yet a young adult approach my other friend asking for her number. My friend replied sharply saying “What Number? One? Two? Three?” You could actually feel the embarrassment of the young man when he retreated and told his friends “Ayaw eh!” It was probably the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard. I really laughed my guts out, I laughed so hard, I didn’t notice that the hands-free headset of my phone fell and I stepped on it (Damn! Now I have to buy a new phone ^_^)

We stayed on that centuries old city wall and listened to the really nice acoustic music. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about where our past relationships have taken us and where our presents ones are taking us. My friends are very happy for me, I wish I could also say that for them. But I’m really proud of how they handle themselves considering the pains and the hurt they’re currently experiencing. Suddenly I realized that I’m surrounded with two strong women, my friends.

We walked from Intramuros to the Baywalk. On the way we noticed that there are a lot of homeless people sleeping on the Quirino Granstand field, it came to us how blessed we are, although we have problems, we still have our homes and our families.

My friends and I needed to go to the bathroom but we cant find one clean enough to their standards so we stopped by Manila Hotel (hahaha! First time I ever did that, going to a five star hotel just to the soul purpose of relieving the bladders)
We weren’t able to complete the itinerary for the night because someone failed to call when he is supposed to and the other party was infuriated by the fact that he never called despite that deadline given to him. To make the long story short, we called it a night!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Reason Behind my Name

Many People wonder whats the meaning of their name. Heres the one i got from a name generator in the Go-Quiz website.

How to make a archibald

3 parts jealousy

5 parts silliness

3 parts joy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add lovability to taste! Do not overindulge!


Monday, September 13, 2004

My Bad!

Well most people would see our relationship as a match made in heaven. We are perfect for each other many would say. But you might not notice that sometimes things don't go well and there can be times that someone gets hurt. I was really caught off guard this time. Yes I admit, it is my fault . . .

Friday, July 16, 2004

At the End of the Week

The week has been very demanding ang has drained most of my enthusiam and energy. I need a long vacation to relieve my suffering! (nyak!) I am really looking forward to my weekends coz its my time for myself and my family.

I really would like to go out on a cruise or maybe a long overseas trip (although I fear travelling by ship) Anyways, I wish I can make the most out of my weekend! Enjoy your weekends people for I will surely enjoy mine!


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From the Top of the HIll

Once in a while, if I have time to spare, I always visit the place where I can find peace and a lot of space to think. Yes I always go back to the hill that educated me like no other school in the land. There teachers and friends taught me how to view life in a very different way, a way of viewing life from the top of the hill.

From that place, I can see the far edges of my city. I can see the church where I go to every week. From there I can see the mall where I hang out with my friends and sometimes if the clouds permit, I could see the office where I used to work. From the top of the hill, my horizon changes. It feels like I was given more room to place my concerns. This place is very different from the confined space of my office.

When I am there, I feel like the wind can pick me up and play with the clouds. My concerns, my worries just simply fly away whem I'm there. I just wish that I could be there everyday.