Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Weddings and a Cereal

Last month gave me the one of the "get real" moments of my life when I found out one of my friend is getting married. That’s 3 frukies on the hook and there are hints of another wedding next year. Settling down is one of the more obvious signs in your life that you are getting "older". Almost 5 years ago, I've never imagine myself settling down but these past few months have given me countless signs telling me that I am not getting any younger. It seems like its just yesterday that my concerns composed mainly of Philosophy orals and Project Management defense. Now, all I think about is job security and starting my own family.

Getting older really sinks in when your nephew starts calling you "tito" than just the usual "kuya". Just this week, I and my nephew had this little conversation about his favorite cereal. My 5 year old nephew is asking me why I like eating his Koko Krunch and told me I should be eating grown up meals instead. Even my nephew thinks I'm too old for a cereal (hahaha)

*sigh* how fast time flies by...