Friday, July 16, 2004

At the End of the Week

The week has been very demanding ang has drained most of my enthusiam and energy. I need a long vacation to relieve my suffering! (nyak!) I am really looking forward to my weekends coz its my time for myself and my family.

I really would like to go out on a cruise or maybe a long overseas trip (although I fear travelling by ship) Anyways, I wish I can make the most out of my weekend! Enjoy your weekends people for I will surely enjoy mine!


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From the Top of the HIll

Once in a while, if I have time to spare, I always visit the place where I can find peace and a lot of space to think. Yes I always go back to the hill that educated me like no other school in the land. There teachers and friends taught me how to view life in a very different way, a way of viewing life from the top of the hill.

From that place, I can see the far edges of my city. I can see the church where I go to every week. From there I can see the mall where I hang out with my friends and sometimes if the clouds permit, I could see the office where I used to work. From the top of the hill, my horizon changes. It feels like I was given more room to place my concerns. This place is very different from the confined space of my office.

When I am there, I feel like the wind can pick me up and play with the clouds. My concerns, my worries just simply fly away whem I'm there. I just wish that I could be there everyday.